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What Is Xtend Barre?

It’s the fitness phenomenon from trainer Andrea Rogers that’s helped countless people lose weight, sculpt lean muscle, and build strength without bulk. How? By combining the body-shaping benefits of a traditional barre routine with a fat-blasting calorie burn.

After just 30 days of doing Xtend Barre’s dynamic mix of cardio, Pilates, and ballet fundamentals, you can be leaner, stronger, and looking and feeling like a dancer—for FREE. No barre required.

Meet Your Trainer

As a Pilates instructor and former professional dancer, Andrea Rogers created Xtend Barre by combining her two passions: movement and teaching. Now with over 40 studios worldwide, Xtend Barre is more popular than ever, packing classes with students seeking fun, challenging barre workouts that leave them feeling lean, strong, and confident!


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Our team of experts has proven it time and time again—in the real world—helping people just like you get in great shape with results-focused programs like Xtend Barre®, Tough Mudder T-MINUS 30™, 600 Secs™, and Yoga52™. You've never realized how uncomplicated weight loss could be...until you see the results with your own eyes.

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How Will You Look & Feel 30 Days From Now?

Will you still be on the fence? Or will you be stronger and leaner, feeling great and never looking back?

We've proven Xtend Barre works—for people of all ages and fitness levels—and right now, we want to prove it to you.

What do you have to lose? Every BIG change has a beginning. Will this be yours?

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